How To: Clean vinyl LP records with Titebond II wood glue

Clean vinyl LP records with Titebond II wood glue

This video shows how to clean old records using Titebond II wood glue. He has the record turning slowly on the turntable, and while it's turning, slowly squeezes a line of glue around and around onto the surface of the record, starting from the middle. He explains that it takes between four and twelve hours for the glue to dry completely. After the glue is applied to the entire record, he takes an old credit card and spreads the glue evenly onto the record, all the way out to the edge. When the glue is thoroughly dried, he works his fingernail under the edge of the dried glue and peels it off in one sheet. All the lint and grease that was on the record is stuck to the glue, and the record is perfectly clean. This is a very creative way to clean collectible LP's.

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