How To: Deep clean your vinyl LP records with steam

Deep clean your vinyl LP records with steam

This video shows a method of cleaning LP records using steam. He uses a Perfection steamer and a record cleaning machine with vacuums, along with a set of brushes, Disc Doctor cleaner, and laboratory grade water. He uses distilled water in the steamer. He turns the turntable on, applies the cleaner, spreads it with a brush, and applies the steam while the record turns. After the steaming is done, he continues rubbing it with the brush, and turns on a vacuum. Next he runs the steamer of the record as a rinse for 8 or 9 seconds, then vacuums it again. He then applies the laboratory grade water and spreads that with the brush, then vacuums, repeats with the water and vacuums again. He uses an special tool to remove static, and it's done. He claims that the method demonstrated in this video is the best way to get records perfectly clean.

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