How to Identify Genuine Beats by Dre Studio Headphones

How do you know if the Beats By Dre Studio headphones that you are about to buy online are genuine? Always ask the seller to use the youVerify app before you buy. Smarter Selling, Safer Shopping.

Step 1: The Retail Box

Check the Color of the Headphones on the Box Match the Color of the Headphones in the Box. Check the Quality, Colour & Brightness of the Images Carefully, & the Spelling, Positioning & Spacing of Copy.

Step 2: The Inside of the Retail Box

Check carefully the inside of the box. The different box sections must fit neatly together & have a high quality finish to the edges.

Step 3: Serial Number

New Beats By Dre Studio headphone boxes feature a serial number on the underside of the box. Check that it matches any other serial number featured on the box, paperwork or product itself.

Step 4: Date Code

Beats By Dre Studio headphones feature a date code on the inside of the battery cover. Check carefully the position, spacing & quality of the finish of the numbers.

Step 5: Battery Compartment

Check the details of the battery compartment featured on Beats By Dre Studio headphones. In particular the battery coil connector springs.

Step 6: Beats Logo on Inside of Headband

Beats By Dre Studio headphones feature a Beats Logo on the inside of the headband. Check the type of screw head used, as well as the quality & finish of the metal, the screws & the branding.

Step 7: Branded Cables

Beats By Dre Studio headphones are accompanied by beats branded cables. Check carefully the branding, the red/silver/black circular marks, & the gold coloured ends with black circular details.

Step 8: Download Our App

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