How To: Clean your scratched CDs with toothpaste and water

Clean your scratched CDs with toothpaste and water

This video is presented by A K Dlnny. The video starts with common location in any household. A K shows a CD which is fairly scratched. Most of us have scratched CDs with us and he teaches us a very simple way of cleaning these CDs. As first step A K takes good portion of common toothpaste on surface of CD and spreads it all over with rubbing it with circular movement of his finger. Once the entire surface is covered then he allows the CD to dry for five minutes. In next step he washes of the toothpaste layer by holding it under cold tap water. Once entire toothpaste is removed then A K Dlnny, dries the CD completely by using towel. He also mentions that smooth cloth like a T-shirt is also good for the purpose. Once the CD is completely dry then it will play like new CD. The simple method looks to be effective and is worth trying out the same.

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